Media Update on Induction of The Residents’ Council Executive

The Harare Residents’ Trust (HRT) held a training for transformation meeting with

its Residents’ Council Executive members at Harare hotel. This was a leadership training for transformation in order to strengthen decision making and deepen advocacy and lobby strategies by the powerful Residents’ Council. The meeting was attended by 17 residents comprising of six men. It is through the RC Executive that the HRT lobbies and advocates for effective and efficient service delivery and the upliftment of the living standards in communities in Harare Metropolitan Province.

The HRT programmes team said the training for transformation focused on the HRT’s Residents’ Council went a long way in establishing a strongly governed organisation that recognised the different structures internally and externally that ensured better services are rendered to the people. RC Executive members are suburban structures elected during the Full Residents Council meetings held every two years, and the elected suburban structures then elect individuals who then sit in the RC Executive to implement the resolutions of the Full Residents Council which brings together all the suburban structures of the HRT.

Women’s Desk and Livelihoods Officer Constance Shumba said the suburbs held the positions and not the individuals.

“If your structure was elected as the Chairperson, your suburb then delegates you to the RC Executive to execute the duties of a Chairperson, and any other member of your structure represents the Chairperson position in all HRT Residents’ Council meetings,” she said. “The residents leadership has to remain with the people and provide the necessary feedbacks and updates. This ensures that everyone in the structures are well informed about what is happening in the organisation.”

HRT Board Chairman Albert Mazula, who conducted the training explained the different types of leadership, highlighted what constituted good leadership, the challenges of listening and hearing. The participants were put into discussion groups and eventually they elected their RC Executive with the task of spearheading the representation of Harare residents in engaging with policymakers and duty bearers.

Mazula said:

“The act of leading is complex but very fulfilling if you know what you are doing.  There is a different between hearing and listening. A person can decide to hear but not listening. A leader is like a magnet in his heart and compass in his or her head.  A leader should hear more and do less talking. Leadership has to be professional, efficient and effective in the discharge of their mandate.”

The HRT Board Chair reiterated that well- developed and matured leadership has the capacity to exercise leadership in different situations without running short of solutions. A crisis situation may call for an authoritarian or democratic style decision depending on the context. They are best understood as options where the situation determines which style will best apply. The RC Executive is a residents’ leadership board representing residents who include different professionals, and these diverse interests have to be effectively and efficiently represented. He challenged the RC Executive leadership to unite people and build functional and effective structures within communities. A leader must delegate, coordinate and organise, he said.

Elections were held and the results are as follows; Hatfield (Chairperson), Kuwadzana 6 (Vice Chairperson), Budiriro 2 (Secretary), St Mary’s KC (Vice Secretary) and Msasa Park was elected as the Treasurer, with four other suburban structures being elected as the Committee members. The HRT Board appoints six individuals to the RC Executive in order to complement the elected suburban leadership so that decision making is a mixture of residents’ aspirations and objectivity, driven by experience, knowledge and activism

Outgoing RC Executive Chairman Nesbert Chinhamu thanked the HRT for facilitating the training for transformation training, and commented the residents of Harare for being alert and awakening to their rights.  He urged them to work as a team and they will produce very good results.

Incoming Chairperson Eddington Makarudze expressed gratitude to the HRT for facilitating such training for transforming targeted at community leadership, thus building a knowledgeable and resilient team that has capacity to mobilise people and influence change in communities.

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