25 March 2019, Harare- A review session of the City of Harare Service Delivery Charter meeting was
held at Town House on 25 March 2019. The meeting was held in order to review the service delivery
charter as it specify principles relating to service delivery provided by the City of Harare and to identify
shortcomings and make recommendations to improve the charter. The meeting was attended by 17
people, eight males and nine females. The major thrust of the meeting was to review the Service
Delivery Charter of 2017 in an interactive manner as well as making corrections and adding other views.
Council officials and different other stakeholders including the Harare Residents’ Trust participated in
the meeting.
Addressing the participants, Harare City Council official Jackson Murimi explained that the Service
Delivery Charter had some shortcomings and needed the input of all stakeholders to review it and make
it more relevant to the current context prevailing in the City of Harare. He said the Service Delivery
Charter is a contract among the councillors, management and staff of the City of Harare. He emphasized
that the meeting was not about to blame council or ratepayers but to review it and improve service
delivery. The Service Delivery Charter lists what customers should expect from the City of Harare. These
include friendly services, council officers’ identification either personal introduction or a badge, timeous
response on enquiries, feedback, and availability of working numbers, emails and websites. Functions of
local authorities are provided for in the Constitution and these functions are further elaborated in
various national legislation such as the Water Act, Roads Act, Urban Councils Act, and Public Health Act,
and more.
Murimi said the Acts help the council to be results driven, trusted by residents, efficient, effective,
responsive, transparent and accountable. Guiding principles to service delivery were stated in the
Service Delivery Charter as participation, service standards, access, and redress, value for money,
encouraging innovation and rewarding excellence.
In their responses to Murimi’s submissions, stakeholders said the City of Harare was good with
producing paper documents but the intentions were not evident on the ground and in their practice.
They recommended a holistic approach that ensured the full involvement of stakeholders in the council

As a way forward, stakeholders made some suggestions which include the council’s bizarre desire to
receive reports first ahead of residents’ associations saying currently residents gave more reports to the
associations than to the council. Other points agreed on include making bins available to ratepayers,
provision of working emails and numbers, review of most council policies, reshuffling of corrupt council
workers to minimise levels of corruption, have more refresher courses for council employees. Budget
awareness campaigns would be held once the budget making process begins and the Service delivery
Charter was going to be translated into different languages.
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