update on st mary’s leadership engagement meeting

17 June 2019, St Mary’s, Chitungwiza– THE Harare residents Trust (HRT) held a leadership engagement meeting in St Mary’s on 12 June 2019 and the residents were taught how to become a responsible citizen and also to discuss service delivery concerns affecting their community. Leaders of different structures raised issues about availability of water, continuous sewer bursts, power cuts, residents’ security from robbers and also the drainage system in the area. The unavailability of water has been the major talking point for the residents here who are getting water for at most one day per week. Residents in the adjacent Manyame Park and Chigovanyika areas do not get the water at all due to their high ground. The Chitungwiza Municipality has requested that some residents buy their own pipes if they entertained hopes of having their water supplies restored.  The sad thing is that some of the council workers have been pestering residents wanting to be paid directly yet unwilling to produce receipts for the payments.

Residents pointed out that the Chitungwiza municipality lacks the expertise in resolving sewage blockages. There are repeat sewer bursts a few days after repairs, therefore residents are appealing to the municipality to either retrain their current plumbers or hire more competent plumbers to minimise the risk to ratepayers.  

Power cuts have proved to be a big problem as the load shedding times are longer than those stated by the Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC). When there is load shedding when the electricity comes back other houses will be without electricity and they will come to rectify the fault in three or four days.

There is a group of young boys who are playing betting near Jehovah’s Witness Church. In the evenings as early as 8pm, residents are reportedly being robbed around the same area by these youths. A report has been made to the Zimbabwe Republic Police and they have promised to address the situation. 

There is poor drainage at corner Rukangarwe Road and Chitungwiza Road such that the open area has become a dumping ground for garbage. Residents fear for their health. They approached their local Councillor in March 2019 and he promised to send a grader to clear the way but nothing materialised up to now.


For further details, please contact the St Mary’s Leaders (0774041268, 0779090388, and 0772645575). A full report detailing the proceedings of the meeting will be shared.

Contact Details: hretrust79@gmail.com, 086 771 09781, 0772 869 294 and www.hrt.org.zw,   

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