The Harare Residents’ Trust (HRT) is a Zimbabwean registered organisation. Its registration number is MA 507/2009. Founded in February 2008 by a Zimbabwean journalist, Precious Shumba, the HRT was established to advocate for effective representation of residents of Harare Metropolitan Province in local governance issues.


The organisation has a Board of Trustees, and a Residents’ Council (RC), representing all the suburban residents’ committees, being members of the HRT. The Board of Trustees is the superior authority on policy and programming, and mobilises resources for the smooth running of the organisation. The RC is focused on developing the membership.


The Board of Trustees has the responsibility to establish and nurture suburban residents’ committees, which are independent from each other and are led by elected non-partisan volunteer citizens. Below the Board is a Residents’ Council (RC) that brings together all the suburban structures affiliated to the HRT. The HRT suburban committees define their own programs and activities in line with the HRT’s vision and objectives of engaging service providers, policy makers and all strategic stakeholders for the benefit of the residents.


The RC elects a nine-member suburban leadership that meets regularly to plan and coordinate the activities of the suburban residents’ committees, which are the members of the HRT. Suburbs hold positions, and not individuals. Once elected, the suburban residents committee has to meet specifically to elect a representative and alternate to the RC Leadership. The full RC meets at least two times a year to recommend policies for adoption by the Board of Trustees and share experiences of their work in the suburbs.


An important organ of the HRT, run by the Board of Trustees, headed by the Coordinator, implements all HRT programmes and provides and facilitates technical expertise to the suburban structures.


A Free, Empowered and Prosperous Citizenry


To build capacity for productive engagement among citizens, their elected representatives and service providers as means to improve living standards in communities.


Accountability, Good governance, Transparency, Creativity, Consultative, Integrity, Teamwork


  1. To empower citizens to demand accountability from council leadership and service providers.
  2. To enhance the capacity of council officials to be responsive to the needs of the citizenry.
  3. To facilitate engagement among council officials, service providers and the citizenry to improve standards of living in Harare Metropolitan Province.
  4. To monitor and audit the performance of service providers so that they deliver quality and affordable services to the citizenry.


Membership Mobilisation, Leadership Development and Civic Education, Community Forums, Research and Documentation


Precious Shumba is a journalist, who has previously reported for the Manica Post, the Eastern Star and the Daily News where he worked as a Senior Reporter until 2005. Shumba then joined the Combined Harare Residents’ Association (CHRA) as the organisation’s Spokesman and Information Officer before moving to Action Aid International as a Governance Consultant until May 2008. In 2007, Shumba participated in the United States of America (USA) State Department’ International Visitor Leadership Programme (IVLP- Transparency and Good Governance, Africa Region program).

As one of the major highlights of his achievements, in February 2008, he founded the Harare Residents Trust (HRT), a residents’ organisation operating in Harare Metropolitan Province, advocating for increased citizenship participation and accountability in local governance. The HRT model is structured in the same lines as the United States-based Jacksonville Community Council International (JCCI), a United Nations Best Practice, promoting community participation and accountability in Northern Florida. Competencies include but not limited to hardworking, strong analytical skills, professional, fearless and a serious communicator. He is currently the Director of the HRT.